Daily Diversion #371: Winter Festival

Naturally, with this being (Central) Ohio and all, it was 60 degrees during a winter festival in February. We still had fun, though. And it was nice not being bundled up.

Snow Day Cbus 2017

Snow Day Cbus 2017

2 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #371: Winter Festival

  1. Lots of fun and it’s a good thing there’s no global warming. I think it’s going to be in the upper 50’s in Chicago, over the weekend. That is unheard of. Seriously. Something is realllllly wrong with out weather.


    • Ha, right? No global warming. None. At. All.

      It is in the mid-70s here today. In Ohio. In February. We’ve basically had no winter in this part of the state (central). So odd.


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