Daily Diversion #344: A Glastonbury Romance

I’m re-reading one of my fave novels: the flawed but magical A Glastonbury Romance by John Cowper Powys.

A Glastonbury Romance

A Glastonbury Romance

6 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #344: A Glastonbury Romance

  1. I used to love “romance” books when I was younger. Before I so called woke up, then they began to annoy me because they were so distant from life forms. Lol. But I like the cover and love that you are such a fan of books.

    How are you?


    • I’m great, thanks for asking! How have you been?

      I don’t read “romance” books, either. Not my cup of tea in the least! “A Glastonbury Romance” is actually a classic English novel from 1932. Although a few couples do hook up, it’s really about the Grail of Arthurian legend and mysticism in general, with some politics and social commentary thrown in. The Grail is the true heroine, not a woman with a low-cut bodice. 🙂

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      • Haha. I see. Well enjoy. Me? Ah life is — life. It’s a mix. But I am grateful I have one and for the changes that are coming about.

        Challenging time tho. Very.

        How has your summer been?


      • I’m sorry that you are having a challenging time! Have a virtual hug from me, please.

        Summer has been pretty good. I can’t really complain.


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