Humans of New York Stories

Humans of New York isn’t just my favourite website, it’s one of my favourite things in the world. Period.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Only it can do itself justice.

The companion book, Humans of New York Stories, came out a couple of months ago. I cannot recommend it enough. Brandon, his subjects, and the entire HoNY community are immensely open and giving. It’s beautiful.

Humans of New York Stories

Humans of New York Stories

10 thoughts on “Humans of New York Stories

    • Are you on Facebook? He has a wonderful and very popular FB page. He cross-posts everything there. Plus, there is tons of (mostly wonderful) interaction between commenters. I love seeing the stories pop up in my feed!


    • Hi there!
      Well, fortunately for you Humans of New York is an ongoing concern! He updates his blog/Facebook page (the latter is where I follow him) several times a day!
      I’ve been doing well. We’re fully (well, almost) settled into our new place in a new city. I’m working on several projects. How is 2016 treating you? I thought about you a week or two ago, then you left this comment!

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      • Hiya!


        You are living in a new city? Where did you all move? That’s cool.

        I took sometime off FB, so I will have to take a look when I am back on today.

        I was doing great til yesterday. Found out a friend of mine had a heart attack (on the anniversary of my mom’s death). So tough time of year.

        But this is life yeah?

        What projects are you working on? Nice to be in touch again.



      • Synchronicity, indeed!

        “Old” city for me, but new for my husband. We moved to my hometown. So. thrilled. to. be. back.

        I am so sorry about your friend, and at an already delicate time for you. As you say, though, unfortunately that is life. That knowledge doesn’t make it easy while you are going through a tough time, though.

        I am working on 2 short stories and am in the early stages of doing research for a period novella. And I am about to launch a new website/blogathon/pop culture “thing” with another blogger. What about you? Are you busy creatively?


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