Three Day Quote Challenge-Day Two

“What appeals to me most is an idea expressed by Eluard. He has a line about there being another world, but it’s in this one. And Raymond Queneau said the world is not what it seems–but it isn’t anything else, either. These two ideas are the bedrock of my approach. If a book is only what it seems to be about, then somehow the author has failed.”-Edward Gorey (in The Lion and the Unicorn, Number I, 1978)

 I share this philosophy.

This quote was brought to you by the Three Day Quote Challenge.

I was  nominated by Sita Rasa. Thanks so much!

Here are the actual “rules” for the quote challenge:

– Post one quote for three days (they may be your words or from another source)

– Nominate three bloggers each day to participate

– Thank the blogger who nominated you

I’m following numbers one and three. As for two…well, if you’d like to participate (and you should, because it is fun) feel free to nominate yourself.

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