“You and your Nero Wolfe recipes!”

"You and your Nero Wolfe recipes!"

“You and your Nero Wolfe recipes!”

From The American Magazine, June 1949.

9 thoughts on ““You and your Nero Wolfe recipes!”

    • Excellent observation! On a side note: My mom owns a copy of a Nero Wolfe recipe book (which I’m currently borrowing). I want The Chef to make everything in it for me. Some of the recipes are quite complicated, and I am too lazy to even contemplate making these things. But I wanna eat ’em all.


      • I’d probably be too lazy to even try to imagine cooking them. And I’m sure some of them would simply be lost on me. I’ve never had want anyone would think of as a sensitive palate. I’d probably be in the category of people Poirot was talking about when he said: “You English do not have the cuisine. You have ‘the food’!.” (Of course, I’m not English but I’m sure he’d include Americans in that sentiment!)


      • Eh, fortunately times have changed since then! There is plenty to like with modern English cuisine. And, as for American cuisine…much of it is spectacular. I’ve a pretty good palate, and being married to a chef has certainly improved it. I am spoiled beyond belief.


      • There may be plenty of subtlety and charm in English and American cuisine but I’m sure the bulk of it would be wasted on me. Which, when I think about it, is fine. I don’t need another expensive hobby! I spend way too much money and time on other indulgences. I need to try and limit myself.

        Now if I was married to a chef… Well, that would be a different story!


      • Being married to a chef is the best! I’m also an excellent from scratch baker, so, between the two of us, we make a lot of great food. It’s mostly him, of course, but I contribute a wee bit on the sweets end.

        Most of our friends are also in the industry/foodies, and I have no complaints.


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