Daily Diversion #258: Girl About Town

My newest old book treasure:

Girl About Town

Girl About Town by Katherine Pent

“Mary Gunter always prided herself on being equal to all emergencies. Life had taught her that they appeared round the most unexpected corners. Her own life in particular had been full of them. It had started over a newsagent’s shop off Edgware Road, and her pious hope had been that it would end in a mansion in Mayfair or a large estate in the country.”-Katherine Pent, Girl About Town

18 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #258: Girl About Town

  1. What makes her hope pious? Is it pious because she doesn’t want to claw her way over dying bodies to get there? Or because such a fate would prove her piety before God – eg, the whole Protestant work ethic thing.


      • At least one character is faking piousness, but that is not the same thing. I am waiting for her comeuppance. I hope it is beautiful.


      • Ah! I do enjoy a good “comeuppance for fake piety” story! I wrote one. It was pretty good but the ending didn’t come together. I’m told the sex was hot, at least!

        But in the end, after her comeuppance she actually got her act together and became a decent sort of person. Not pious but kind and friendly which might be better than pious a lot of the time!


      • Well, then your story probably ended better than this one will. And I am 99.9% certain that this book contains no sex of any kind. The fact that she is not flummoxed by the nice young man’s admission that he is married is probably the most scandalous thing that will happen. But, never say never!

        Mama Bear is the one dripping with fake piety. She’d damn well better receive a comeuppance, or I will be pissed.


      • No sex of any kind, huh? Am I that far deep into my own depravity that such a statement causes me to lose all interest in a book? Well… I did sort of wish Wittgenstein had spiced up Tractatus-Logico Philosophicus a bit. I’m a sick, sick man….

        I think we’re in agreement about Mama Bear. Care to place a wager?


      • HAHAHA!

        This book is a mainstream but “modern” (edgy?) romance from the 1930s, so that is unlikely. Who knows, though. Maybe one of the young women in it will end up as a “fallen” woman. That’d be something, at least.

        What kind of wager? I am surprisingly invested in the possible downfall of Mama Bear. I do not want her to be redeemed.


      • I’m not sure what kind of wager. Obviously it would have to be something that could be done over the internet. I’m always looking for people to give me feedback, so if you decide to take the wager and Mama Bear is (gasp!) redeemed somehow, then I’d send you a free copy of one of my eBooks for an honest review. (They are all between 30 and 40 pages per Amazon’s estimates. I haven’t printed them in ages so I’ll assume that’s true. Anyway, each of them can be read comfrotably in an afternoon.)

        If you won… Well, any suggestions?

        Not that I’m guaranteeing I’ll take such a wager. There is part of me that wants to see Mama Bear go down in some gloriously satisfying way. But I am kind of a whore for reviews.


      • Obviously, we are hoping for the same outcome! Hard to make a bet that way.

        But, I’d be happy to do an honest review of one of your books. No problem at all.


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