The Splendiferously Bearded Writers Social Club: Henry David Thoreau

  • Name: Henry David Thoreau
  • D/O/B: 07/12/1817
  • Member Since: 1856
  • Status: Charter Member
  • Important Role: Chief lecturer and rabble-rouser at all meetings
  • Hobbies: Pondering; thinking; philosophizing; protesting; communing with nature; intensely staring at all and sundry
Henry David Thoreau, 1856

Henry David Thoreau, 1856


6 thoughts on “The Splendiferously Bearded Writers Social Club: Henry David Thoreau

  1. Oh dear. I just realized that HDT looks almost exactly like someone I know…minus the beard. I must tell this friend to grow a splendiferous beard. I might even print out a copy of this post, as a beard-growing guide of sorts.


    • Haha! HDT was not bad looking, minus his awfully scraggly beard. Hopefully your friend would grow a better beard.

      I just created an album on the ASPL FB page for all of my bearded writers. It’s fun looking at them all together.


      • That is AWESOME, to have a Bearded Writers’ FB album!

        Fact: Every time I see a photo/illustration of a bearded classic author I think, I should check to see if he’s part of the Splendiferous Club. I have taken a keen interest in this Club!


      • The album is fun! It’s on ASPL’s official page, if you want to check it out.

        I am glad you enjoy the series. I have quite a few bearded writers in mind for future installments, but I am open to suggestions!


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