[Book Nerd Links] The Teeny Tiny Brontë Books

The teeny tiny Brontë books [courtesy Los Angeles Times]

8 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] The Teeny Tiny Brontë Books

    • I’ve read about these to many times over the years, but I’d never seen such detailed images of them until now.

      Hopefully there are many children with blooming imaginations!


    • They definitely lived in their own little siblings only world. Being an only child until I was 16, I never experienced anything like that. I’m sure they had hours of fun.


  1. These books are fascinating in the way they’re written and how they’re bound. I love all the scribbled-out bits in the young men’s magazine.

    I agree with the previous commenters – what inventive, imaginative children.


  2. This brilliant family of sisters (and brother?!?) has fascinated me for a very long time, but I’ve never dug much deeper than reading their works and little biographies. Thanks for bringing in this delightful bit of history I didn’t even know how about. Imagine how much fun it would have been to be a Bronte for a day!!


    • Yes, there was one rather louche brother in the bunch!

      I’d read about these little books for years, and had seen some photos, but these are by far the best images I’ve ever seen of them!

      Being a B sibling for a day would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?


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