A Reading List a Mile Long: Daedalus Books New Arrivals Late Spring 2014

20 thoughts on “A Reading List a Mile Long: Daedalus Books New Arrivals Late Spring 2014

  1. Wow. You are a great reader. Are they all on order now? 🙂 I’ve been nursing one book lately. Dunno what the next is. I may splurge on the Cleopatra book and the Stanley book from here.

    Hey how is your writing coming along?


    • Well, I AM a great reader…but I didn’t order all of these (although I hope to eventually). I usually read 4 or 5 (and oftentimes more) books at the same time. I just cannot help myself. 🙂

      The great thing about Daedalus Books is you can splurge there and not spend too much money. It always feels indulgent. 😉


      • Well we should treat ourselves some of the time.:) Makes life a little bit better. I hope you get the chance to read each! 🙂


      • Treats are so important, even tiny ones! I hope I get to read all of them, too. Did you buy either one you were looking at?


      • They are definitely cheap enough! Are you reading something cool right now? I don’t mean to be nosy, I just love hearing what other people are reading!


      • No it’s totally cool. I’m reading something called “The Pitching Bible,” it’s just tips on how to engage people concerning my project because I’ve started (introversion attacks in the wrong moments).

        2. Big Porn Inc. Exposing the harms of the global pornography industry. This is the start of many things I will read on it and interviews I will do.

        3. The Driver’s manual – uh because I don’t drive. Haha. And it’s TIME. 🙂

        Can you drive?


      • The Pitching Bible sounds invaluable, especially for us shy types.
        Big Porn Inc. sounds interesting, but probably also infuriating.
        I can drive, yes. Although I haven’t in a very long time because I do not currently have a car. My husband does, but it is not an automatic (which does me no good). I don’t particularly like it, but it is a useful skill. Best of luck with that!


      • Yeah honestly? I’m kind of scared to, so many crazy drivers. The last time I had a permit (never got my license) I remember spotting so MUCH wrong stuff going on on the road. And as I was taking my driving lessons people would road rage me all the time and I was driving SAFE. Lol. *Scary.*

        The pitching bible I need because I am a trained extrovert – I push myself to be that way. But with my work and dating SOMEHOW my real self gets energized. Ugh. I begin shutting down unless I PUSH myself. Instead I want to run and hide or ignore or not do it at all and how that manifests in me is procrastination or reluctance to initiate, or simply forgetting. I draw a blank. SMH. So I need a well rehearsed spiel to start with til I see it’s safe to simply talk.

        Last time I ‘pitched’, it was to an agent – which I GOT. Before I did though, started hyperventilating then forgot my talk. But she knew, so she really tried to make me comfortable. So I eventually calmed down. See how I need it? Lol. I’m the worst at talking to strangers. When I know them a bit, MUCH better.

        Big Porn Inc. is great research on a couple of levels, but yes what I’m reading so far has upset me a few times and I’m not even in the middle of the book yet. Still, I’m glad I got it.

        So how do you get around where you are? My problem is public transportation isn’t very good in most cities (reliable). And I need to be able to help my parents out MORE, terms of getting around and getting them stuff.

        What are you currently reading at this moment?


      • Driving is not my cup of tea. I mean, there’s been a few times I have found myself on an empty, open road and it was really quite nice. However, as long as I have a nice, solid, reliable and new(er) car, I can usually deal. You are correct, though, there is so much bad driving out there!

        I am really shy by nature, but time has made me a bit better at dealing with it. However, I can still be really tongue-tied in social situations. I mean, to the point where I am standing there struggling to do something other than babble incoherently (literally), all the while thinking to myself, “Get it together. You are a writer. You know what you are talking about, yet you sound like a fool.” Of course, once I am more comfortable with someone I am fine. It is just those initial convos that are painful. I admire anyone who can project confidence even when they do not feel it.

        I get around via my husband and friends. Occasionally a bus, which I do not like (mostly due to my OCD).

        I am reading an excellent bio about Arthur Miller. It’s mostly a biography of his work. Good stuff. I have been watching soooo many documentaries on Netflix, and haven’t been reading as much as normal. I have a few other books I am reading, slowly, but nothing as good as the Miller book.


      • Hmmm. Learning anything about him, the general public may not have known (juicy tidbits)? Marilyn was married to him right? I wonder what that was like – for him? Wonder how that relationship really went behind closed doors. then again, Marilyn was way smarter than folks gave her credit for, so probably well for a while?

        Anyway, I can identify with your awkwardness in social situations. This society especially pushes us to be more accessible and gregarious. Ugh. It’s kinda painful eh? In reality, I’m more like the character from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (complete w/ the attitude too). Just practicing skills I’ve learned to move through all this…

        If it were up to me, I’d just have people watch the work (films) and not bother trying to be social, except with people I care about (loved ones).

        That’s great that you have a strong network to get you around. Honestly people shouldn’t HAVE to drive if they don’t ‘like’ it. I imagine being a nervous driver or one who hates it soon results in some level of danger…

        So I hope I can learn to love it, cuz at this point I must (drive).

        What documentaries have you watched. And have you seen this: http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/631330/2976/


      • Not yet. He was a far-left leaning intellectual with a complicated personality, to be sure, but this bio focuses on his work and the events surrounding the creation thereof. I’m approaching the Marilyn years (and I am nearly 400 pages in already), but I don’t think there will be anything shocking or that I didn’t already know. Marilyn was certainly smart and well-read, so their “match” really wasn’t all that crazy in reality (just in the eyes of the public). I’ll let you know if anything interesting about those years comes up.

        I get through painful social or professional situations (ones that I can prepare for) by pretending I am playing a role. My acting training comes in real handy then. It’s the unexpected social situations (or even expected ones, like parties) that make me incredibly awkward. But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get through the professional ones.

        I do have a strong network to help me get around, but I cannot wait to get my own car again (when finances allow, because we don’t want a car payment). Preferably a pretty new one, because I will be more confident then. Being a nervous driver is not good, but I overcome it by having a car I can trust. Then I am good. I am sure you will be fine, especially if you must drive. That sounds like good incentive. Here, I will give you the best bit of driving advice I’ve ever received, which was from my mom: When you are driving in a line of traffic, don’t just look at the car in front of you, pay attention to the car in front of them, too. 🙂

        I think I am going to do a post about some of the documentaries I’ve watched. It should be up in a day or two.


  2. I never saw the next comment, sometimes I am so bad at WordPress. Smh.

    Anyway, liked the driving advice. I will remember that!

    How was the book? By now you’re done…


    • Ha, no worries!

      It is good advice. It has worked for me for 20 years. 🙂

      I am actually still reading it. I’ve finished other books, but this has been my bedtime book for while. The one that I read a few pages of some evenings before falling asleep. So far, so good.


      • Haha. Yeah we all have that book that doesn’t need to be finished immediately. 🙂 I have to get on the driving soon too.

        A little winded cuz I applied for this ‘get taught to drive program (free)’ here and got turned down. 😦


      • Exactly. I have been savoring it!

        Aw, sorry about the driving program. 😦 Are you required to take one? Here, only the under-18 set is required. I was 18 when I got my permit, so I skipped it and had my mom teach me.


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