Off Topic Post: So Long, Mickey Rooney!

Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 [courtesy Variety]

“Always get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn’t work out you haven’t wasted a whole day.”-Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner

Mickey Rooney andΒ  his first wife, Ava Gardner.

8 thoughts on “Off Topic Post: So Long, Mickey Rooney!

    • Nope! Although he had been ill for awhile, he worked (doing mostly small parts) up until the end. His film career lasted 88 years. Plus, he testified before a Senate committee just 3 years ago.

      I don’t think the photo is weird, I just think he looks a bit distracted. Knowing Mickey, he was probably checking out another beautiful woman. πŸ™‚


      • That is actually an optical illusion! Look closer and you will see that he is clutching her hand in his. She is wearing a weird, drapey black glove. That is what her hand is in, not his jacket. πŸ™‚


      • hahaha. I need to put my glasses on! I wonder how many other things I mistake for inappropriate touching in public–mine is a highly sexualized world. lol.


  1. I loved Mickey Rooney in every role I’ve seen him. What an incredibly talented person! Although some of his movies from the late 30s can be a bit cringe-worthy (e.g. “Babes in Toyland”), I’m always in awe of his abilities.

    It’s sad to know he’s gone. 😦


    • He was certainly one of the most all-around talented performers in Hollywood history. He was always amazing.

      I don’t really mind those movies, as gag-inducing as they can be. They are what they are, and what they are is a product of a very specific time, place, mind-set, and combination of talents. They have their place.


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