[Book Nerd Links] Lighthearted Literary Links for a Gorgeous Monday

It’s Opening Day! If you live in America, you know what this means. For the rest of you, I’m referring to our national pastime: baseball. This is my excuse for being (otherwise) absent from the blog today. Here are some links to tide you over. See you tomorrow!

Bob Feller for Roadmaster, 1941

Legendary Cleveland pitcher Bob Feller for Roadmaster, 1941.

13 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] Lighthearted Literary Links for a Gorgeous Monday

  1. Hooray for opening day! I have the St. Louis-Cincinnati game on right now, even though I’m not really a fan of either. It’s so nice to hear the sounds of baseball, plus see so much green grass (and who cares if it’s fake).

    As for the fabulous links, I love them all! And I am especially tickled that “Harriet the Spy” made it onto the kids’ classics list. I adored that book as a kid.


    • I live in the Queen City, so we had the game on as well. This is baseball city USA, after all. My Indians don’t play until later tonight, and that is a road game (so I get to experience a home opening day next week, too!).

      Harriet the Spy is so awesome!


      • We cheer for the Yankees in our house. This is a recent thing. My husband cheered for the Blue Jays since he was a kid, only to be crushed every single year (except for those two great years in the early 90s). About 2-3 years ago he said, “That’s it. I’m cheering for a team that wins once in a while.” So he switched to the Yankees. However, he still secretly follows the Blue Jays – if I ask him how the Blue Jays are doing, he knows exactly what the stats are…followed with a, “Who cares about them, anyway?”


      • Haha! Well, you can imagine how I feel about the Yankees so we won’t go there. 🙂

        I would never stop being an Indians fan. Ever. It’s practically part of my DNA at this point. My husband switched his hockey team allegiance a couple of years ago, after too many years of heartache, so I can understand the impulse to change teams. (Just not the Yankees thing, yo!)


      • 🙂

        My husband is a lifelong Reds fan (and, since we live here, I root for them unless they are playing my team) but if he became a Yankees fan…I’d consider divorce. Friends rooting for the Yankees=okay. Husband rooting for the Yankees=not a good idea!


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