Writers in Art: Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley by Richard Rothwell

Portrait of Mary Shelley by Richard Rothwell, 1840

Portrait of Mary Shelley by Richard Rothwell, 1840

5 thoughts on “Writers in Art: Mary Shelley

    • Hi!
      It is going well. Still trying to get back on track, with writing and life, after being sick so long. The piece I did on here as part of the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon definitely got my creative juices flowing again!
      How have you and your projects been? I have catching up to do with your blog; all of the email notifications are in my inbox, just waiting to be followed! Sorry for being uncommunicative the last couple of weeks; I’ve tried to keep my nose to the grindstone, with mixed results! 🙂

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      • Hiya,

        I was confused with the sentence, waiting to be followed. Followed? I’m following you. Typo maybe?

        Anyway, that’s great. Getting back on track is a reasonable amount of work, but you’ve gotta do it to move forward. Glad to hear your creative juices are flowing!

        Life is a different place when one is writing. 🙂 🙂

        Argh. My projects. I absolutely hate that question – and it’s not you. It’s me. I’m so slow moving, But keep asking me, cuz I need *some* outside pressures. An avalanche of em’ comin’ soon anyway.

        So what were your mixed results from keeping nose to the grindstone, or are you just being hard on yourself (as we all are)? 🙂

        What was the goal? xo

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      • Oh, I meant that I have a bunch of emails in my in-box telling me about your recent posts. When I have a moment, I need to follow those links to your blog to catch up on them!

        It is a lot of work, really! Just catching up with emails is exhausting. I cannot stay ahead of the game on that one. 😦

        Haha, I hate that question, too. I should totally know better than to ask you (or any other creative person) that!

        I am having software issues with Word; need to do a re-install. Such a pain. I am jotting things down on paper for the time being, because I just cannot wrap my ahead around the need to do the re-install. I guess I am being lazy. I can only go so long without it, though…

        My ideas, then, are kind of floating in the air and I am grabbing at them willy-nilly.

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      • Ahhhhhh. YES!!!! I understand. I was thinking about that last night, like how does one manage responding when the viewership gets larger? I mean I’ve had this blog under a year, so I have a few trusted readers I interact with regularly now.

        Maybe you have to wait and do it once a week like you’re doing? Some people get overwhelmed and stop logging on!!! Hahahahaha. Um…I don’t know the answer…but I don’t think that’s the route either.

        But….good luck with that. OH….by the way…. I do have a tumblr. I think I saw something about that in one of my treads! But, yeah, a limited time on here and was trying to respond to comments back to me.

        My tumblr is http://bruleramort.tumblr.com/archive

        Follow me, I’ll follow back! 🙂 🙂

        I know!!! It’s a simply innocent question but it lands on us like gang busters. Well you know, it’s us, not them THIS TIME. Haha. But I think at some point we should turn that reaction around, into an opportunity to speak about the work.

        Oh wow. What kind of issues? Is it corrupted? That sucks. Yeah Maedez I get that. When my computer crashed it was sort of working (screen would come up sporadically), I was doing these work arounds too. But it’s kind of much more work too, right? 😦

        Is it me, or do you feel like software and computers are more fragile now? OR….*thinks on that* ….are we just using them more?

        Yeah I know. Can you imagine going a whole week without using your applications? You’d need a pill for that.

        Concerning ideas. Yeah I do that sometimes too – but do you find that you may lose track of some of them? xo

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