[Book Nerd Links] Lost Works, CS Lewis, and Literary Heartbreakers


6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] Lost Works, CS Lewis, and Literary Heartbreakers

  1. The “Heartbreaker” list is a good one. Some of these works I haven’t read, but I’ll never forget reading “Gone with the Wind” as a teenager. Oddly enough, I had not seen the movie and didn’t know how the story ended. As a 15 year old, I was stunned and HEARTBROKEN that Rhett Butler left Scarlett. I also felt completely ripped off – so much so that from then on, I decided to always read the end of the book first, something I still do.


    • I usually read the book first, then watch the movie if I feel like the adaptation won’t make me want to punch myself in the throat. Occasionally, when it cannot be helped, I do the reverse. GWTW was the latter situation. Confession time: I do not care for the novel at all, but find the movie entertaining without counting it amongst my favourites…I can only imagine your teenaged reaction to Rhett’s actions. How funny!

      My OCD does not as a rule allow me to read ahead, and definitely not endings. Very infrequently I break away and look at the ending, but those are rare days.


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