We’ve Reached a Milestone Thanks to You Lovely People

We’ve racked up quite the decent amount of followers in the sixteen months that A Small Press Life has been on WordPress. Yesterday, I noticed that a milestone of awesome and humbling proportions was passed. I want to take a few seconds to thank all of our readers, who help make this place whatever this place is (of which you are the judges, not us, so we’ll leave it at that). Kevin and I are indebted to all of you for making A Small Press Life‘s comments section a home for intelligent, witty, and lively literary discourse. While we’d take quality over quantity any day, you’ve given us both. Dead Writers still rock, and so do you!

Since I cannot bake cupcakes for the lot of you, here’s a pic instead:

A recreation of my surprised, we-have-how-many-followers? face.

A webcam recreation of my surprised, we-have-how-many-followers? face.

27 thoughts on “We’ve Reached a Milestone Thanks to You Lovely People

    • I hope you enjoyed those cookies. I thought about baking a little something for myself to celebrate (that could also do double-duty as a welcome home sweet for my husband). Then I remembered that we are, unfortunately, out of sugar. There is not a grocery store within walking distance and my husband has the car…Boo!


  1. You are and will always be my first blog crush. Didn’t think it could happen (didn’t really know what a blog was until recently), but your hip yet not too hip and intelligent blog makes my day! Congrats.


    • Aw, that is the nicest thing I have heard all week. I am blushing and so happy that someone feels that way, especially someone who has a blog I really enjoy.


      • After a week of being “doctor” (a job I’m completely ill-equipped for) to our first time goat mothers, I’m glad for a rainy day and for truly nice bloggers like you. BTW Cincinnati looks really cool.


      • A doctor to first-time goat mothers sounds like a novel in the making…Sound like it would be a fun read!

        Cincinnati has its positives, although I struggle to remember them sometimes. πŸ™‚


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