Robert Louis Stevenson Quote

Robert Louis Stevenson Quote

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    • Me, too. It is so basic, yet so true. I cannot wait to get caught up with all of your posts I missed. It will probably be a few more days, but I will get there. I am still wading through my email…


      • Yay Maedez! Internet back up? Haha, you must feel like you can breathe.

        How was the move otherwise?

        I hope good. Moves are always nice, another stage of life. =)

        Well, you have time – I have lots of work to do on the new screenplay. So I promised myself no more posts til weekend. Just responses. xo


      • Yes, we got it back late Monday afternoon. I am still slogging my way through 1000+ emails (I gave up answering them on my phone mid last week). We still haven’t moved. No internet was just a separate blip in our lives! It will probably be another month before we finally leave this building. After 6 years, what is a few more weeks..?

        I am glad I have time to catch up with your posts. I am practically buried in work, yet it feels good.

        Good luck with the screenplay!


      • Wow. 1000+ emails? Whoa. Well, little by little. Methodically.

        I hear you, after six years in a place – there is history and attachment. So this is also, goodbye, not just moving eh? Right, another few weeks is nothing.

        Thank-you for going through my posts Maedez, I’m glad someone else is taking the time to enjoy them.

        I found some great stuff in my reading (reblogs). =)

        Talk soon! xo


      • Yes, and I am almost finished sorting through the e-mails. Well, kind of.

        The move is going to be hard, but worth it in the end. I hope. I am most concerned about having to create a new studio space. That is terrifying.

        I love your posts. They make me think and force me to pause and reflect, which is why I am catching up bit by bit. As a reader I want to do them justice, rather than carelessly flit through them.


      • Ugh! I wrote you a response – then joyous WP erased it! [Imaginary strangling of imaginary person who represents WordPress.] Rrrr!

        Anyway, wow you’re a little worker bee! That is great! You’re almost done? Have you been reading them late at night? Or getting up early to attack them?

        As far as your studio space, what’s most terrifying about creating it to you?

        And thanks for the compliment concerning my posts. I’m glad you’re finding it as valuable as myself. Check out Compassion of Maps as well. It is such a brilliant piece! xo


      • Oh, that must have been frustrating.

        I am a worker bee only because the psychic weight of so many un-read e-mails hanging over my head would be too much to bear otherwise. I..must…I must…persevere. Ha! I am almost there. Of course, every night when I go to bed I am that much closer only to wake up in the morning with a fresh crop to set me back a pace or two. Nonetheless, I think I will get caught up tomorrow.

        I imagine that I will be writing a piece about my search for a rental with the right studio space. Sense of space is something that is intensely important to me, emotionally speaking. It just has to be right. I know this probably doesn’t sound too logical the way I am wording it here. I definitely need to think it out and write an essay on the subject.

        I love your posts, which is why I want to do them justice as a reader. I plan on finishing the catch-up over a cup of hot tea on Sunday morning.


      • Maedez,

        I first have to thank-you again for enjoying anything I post. You know I love your blog, but it is lovely to have someone like your sensibilities in return. To even bother engaging with them. It’s a gift to me, very touching because half of the stuff I’ve compiled, I have so that not just I can return, but others as well.

        Thank-you for getting that, and going through (because I have found some gems here on WP). =))

        Finding the right space makes alot of sense to me actually. This space will be the container for important bits of your life, so the energy has to mesh with you and not obstruct you in some manner. It’s just like finding a place to live.

        And if it somehow clashes with who you are and what you mean it for, it will create a small explosion of misery. So I know, how important it is and it seems entirely logical to me.

        Yes, you should write a post about your process of securing the space, as we always find ourselves in the journey of others. Plus we get to know you better!



      • I truly do. I am still getting caught up with them, and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I agree; it is always nice when you realize that some of your readers share or at least understand your sensibilities. That cannot be beat.

        I am glad I am not just some hyper-sensitive weirdo about my sense of space. I know immediately if a space can foster my creativity or if the energy is somehow off. There has to be a harmony present. That is as good as I can state it right now. I hope to work through more of my thoughts as I write follow-up posts.

        Thank you so much for being so supportive. It means a lot to me.


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