[R]evolving Incarnations Wants You!

Do you love reading? Are you very, very brave like a storybook hero(ine)? If you answered yes, then you are welcome to join the dialogue of [R]evolving Incarnations. We are looking for hearty, passionate readers to take our 40 question Q&A. If you are unfamiliar with the series, follow these links:

The only requirement is that you love, love, love reading. Genre preference doesn’t matter, really! We hope to represent as many bookish experiences and viewpoints as possible, whilst fostering frank and refreshing discussions of what it means to be a reader in the 21st-century. If you are interested in taking the invigorating plunge, or have any questions, you may leave a reply in the comment section or e-mail us at: onetrackmuse@gmail.com. Thank you, and happy reading!

FYI: [R]evolving Incarnations is taking a break this week, as I am still spending time with The Chef before he leaves on his trip!

23 thoughts on “[R]evolving Incarnations Wants You!

  1. I love reading, but I don’t know if I qualify. I read tons of non-fiction and screenplays. It’s okay if I don’t qualify, I just wanted to factor in on the conversation. It’s such a great idea. I enjoyed the previous Q & As. 🙂 🙂


  2. Ladies, you know I love you (and Cassie thank you for thinking of me), but I am taking a hiatus from blogging. My life is out of balance and I am working to right the ship. Since less reading time is not an option, I’ve limited my time on-line and my book reviews are down to quick bits on Goodreads, but I think this a spectacular idea and request permission to return here if and when I come back to blogging.


    • : ( I definitely understand the need to “right the ship” which is a great way to put that. I’ve been thinking lately when this whole blogging thing will become less of a reality for me. I hope not anytime soon, but you never know. I’m happy you’re still reading and I can read your short reviews on goodreads. They still make me happy! I hope when you do return, you take on the Q&A challenge as I would love to read your answers. : ) JA Phillips is THE BOMB.


    • I hope that you are able to right your ship in as healthy and peaceful a way as possible. Of course permission is “granted” if you ever decide to participate in the Q&A. The door is totally open! Best wishes on your journey.


    • Since I hope to post a new one every 2 weeks, I need all the participants I can get. (Even if I didn’t have any open slots, I’d make room for you.) I am pumped that you want to take part. Yay! Email me at onetrackmuse@gmail.com and I will send you the questionnaire! THANK YOU.


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