Inspiration Board for the [Untitled] Short Story I am Writing

In my world, complex stories call for physical inspiration boards. The five-part short story I am writing has been in the planning stages for 3 years. In fact, the first part was written in January 2010. I’m finally ready to move ahead with the rest of the project (more details on that later). After completing it, I plan on adapting it into a play. Ambitious, much? Always! Before starting on the second segment, I decided it would be wise to pull together the disjointed bits of inspiration that have been living in my head for so many months. This collective of images lives on one of the glass blocks that divide my studio from the bedroom I share with The Chef. One glance to the left from where I type this, and ta-da!

I fancied up the photos so that you have a better idea of how things look inside my head!

Inspiration Board for Untitled Short Story

Inspiration Board for Untitled Short Story

Yes, it is set in the 1920s. Why do you ask?

Inspiration Board, alternate treatment

Inspiration Board, alternate treatment

I will add images to the board as needed.


18 thoughts on “Inspiration Board for the [Untitled] Short Story I am Writing

  1. I love the images as inspiration – I also collect images. Those faces look so different from now, don’t they? I have always been curious about how women took care of themselves back then. And I hope things move along right smartly for both the short story and the play.


    • I have 3 regular inspiration boards (I had a fourth one, too, but I think I lost it in a move). I had to throw this one together because my others are in constant use.

      The faces do look a bit different, although I think part of it is just a mirage due to differences in hair and makeup. They had it going on then. They look a lot fresher than our images will to people in the year 2100.

      Thanks, I have high hopes for the project(s).


  2. All projects should be ambitious if not a tad overly ambitious, I say. Love the project board. I’ve collected pictures too (I am more of a visual person) and I’ve had friends who have done similar inspiration boards and they can be so helpful. I have definitely been known to drag out my cork board and plotted away, too. I love a good visual aid (especially if the project is big).


    • I agree! This one definitely fits the bill, which is one reason I am so excited.

      I have 3 inspiration boards going at all times but they are full, so I had to improvise. The need for this project-specific board has made me realize that I could us a couple more cork boards.

      I decided to do a board for this short story/play because I had so many visuals in my head that it was hard to concentrate on the actual writing. Now that the images have been freed, I can get to work.


      • I know all about Scrivener, although I have not pulled the plug on using it yet. I do use various programs to organize my writing projects. They are handy. However, I am a very tactile person so I will always use actual inspiration boards and story boards. I like big things that I can touch and physically interact with.


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