[Book Nerd Humour] Lousy Book Covers

Rejoice, dear readers! There is an entire Tumblr devoted to cheesy book covers. I repeat: there is an entire Tumblr devoted to cheesy book covers. It is a glorious time waster full of delightfully bad Photoshop jobs and crudely executed artwork.

Lousy Book Covers


13 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Humour] Lousy Book Covers

  1. I’m not a total opponent of self-published books (especially since I might be self-publishing my graphic novel), but I’ve seen so many with covers like the ones on this Tumblr page…I cringe every time.


    • Self-publishing has gained so much traction over the last decade. Even large publishing houses are finally realizing this; some of them are adding self-publishing arms to their businesses. Kudos to them! Many fantastic books by wonderful writers are self-published. I think we can agree that these books probably aren’t fantastic, or even mediocre. 🙂 The writers obviously lack self-awareness, do not understand the market, and have really bad aesthetic taste.


  2. Well, all of us will be snickering on the other side of our faces when these bookcovers are discovered as a new movement of outsider art and reviewed in Art in America after they are the hit of the Venice Biennale.


    • The site is definitely addicting! Self-publishing is great, but there are basic rules that you need to follow. These writers break most, and sometimes all, of them. I totally agree-you have to be willing to spend some money in order to present a professional product.


    • My friend Kevin and I were just discussing this title yesterday! It is amazing how many of the original artworks for some of these covers were done with crayons, coloured pencils, or markers. Who does that for a book cover?


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