Daily Diversion #82: Napping Crosley

I’m still sick, still struggling to find energy, still spending my days curled up on the couch. Fortunately, I have great, wet-nosed company.

Napping Crosley

Napping Crosley. Instagram. “Happiness is a warm puppy.”-Charles M. Schulz

20 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #82: Napping Crosley

      • Yes, we love him more every day. The same goes for our other dog, Duncan. They are amazing and have been such comforts during this ridiculous illness. I keep hearing how some people have been sick for 3 weeks before starting to get better. I hope I am not sick that long.


      • I hope you don’t get sick. This ‘flu is not pleasant. I am keeping up with posts in the sense that things are being posted. I just don’t have the energy to write anything deep or complicated right now.


    • How did you know? 🙂 That really has been the bulk of my routine for ten days now. I simply don’t have the energy to do much else. I am definitely wishing for a speedy recovery, thanks!


    • Thanks, he is our sweet boy. We have 2.

      Oh, you temptress you! Bringing up those brownies. I’ve barely eaten in 2 weeks, let alone baked…I WILL get to those brownies in February. I’m baking for our Burns Day Supper on the 25th and then heading out of town for several days, but when I get back those brownies are mine. MINE.


      • Aww, cuties!!

        I’m the brownie temptress!! 😛

        Oh mannnn that SUCKSSSS 😦 ooh what are you going to bake? 🙂 YESSS! Cannot wait to see your delicious creations!!


      • Our boys ARE adorable, no two ways about it.

        You are the brownie temptress! And it is extra tempting when I am 13 days into this ‘flu crap and cannot stomach yummy things. Ugh.

        I am still planning the dessert menu for our Burns Night Supper, but I am definitely making Whisky Bread Pudding. I might make my famous cupcakes, even though they are time consuming. Plus, one or two other things. Maybe some cookies. Not sure yet.


      • Me, too. 😦

        They are “famous” because they taste like homemade blueberry waffles with a side of bacon. I don’t have a post about them yet, but if I make them for this party I will!


      • They are really good. I mean, really good. As of today, it is my plan to make them for the party. If I do, I will share pics and the recipe on the blog. 🙂


    • He is! I caught him in his favourite activity here. I’m glad Cuddles enjoys baths. That is a huge plus. My boys neither love nor hate bath time, so it isn’t too bad.


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