[Book Nerd Humour] Self-Publishing’s Worst Covers

Self-Publishing’s Worst Covers [courtesy of Huff Post Books]

Be sure to come back and let me know which one you “like” best. My favourite?

The Hunger














38 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Humour] Self-Publishing’s Worst Covers

    • The scary thing is that they obviously found these cover “designs” to be up to par. Can you imagine? It is horrifying. I guess all press is good press…Your theory is probably correct. They might sell an extra copy or three.


  1. Angelina was the worst for me. How boring! I would not have given that book a second glance if I saw it on a book shelf. I would think it was put there by accident from gardening and landscaping :/


    • Yeah, it certainly has a sad lack of effort. Why anyone, anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances, would want to read any of these books is mind boggling. I don’t like to see writers fail, but come on.


      • You have to admire them for trying to self publish. At least I assume that’s what these are :/ but you’re right…I don’t know how anyone could find these acceptable for a book cover.


      • These are self-published. Self-publishing is a force to be reckoned with, and is becoming increasingly popular and acceptable in the literary world. But there are good ways to go about it, and then there are these (demonstrably bad) ways. I don’t understand why anyone would go to the trouble of writing and publishing a book and then undermine the entire enterprise with a blatantly awful cover.


  2. Those covers certainly got a few giggles from me. Two of them look like they were drawn with crayon O__O I’d say that my “favorite” is Ten Things Every Chistrian Needs’ cover.


  3. I am fascinated by “It’s Just Magic!” I can’t imagine putting all that effort into the pseudo-folk-art motif on the front…hunting for all those livestock images… photoshopping them onto that hill… and what IS that blue vehicle? And, after all that, to spell “daughters” wrong.

    I think I want a copy of this.


      • I know, it certainly looks like it deserves to be lambasted. That awful cover is entirely impenetrable; it gives absolutely no indication as to what the book is about. Not that it matters, because I will just assume that it is awful.


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