A Few Words About My Project 366

You may have noticed that I slacked off on 2012’s Project 366. Earlier today, I posted entry #224. Never fear, I’ll power through until the series is finished. Or will I? Yes, and then some. After #366 is up, the series will continue under  a different title. With 1000+ books (and rapidly growing) I have enough material to keep this baby rolling for years.

Remember this? Yeah, it is even bigger now.

Remember this? Yeah, it is even bigger now.

12 thoughts on “A Few Words About My Project 366

  1. I am truly amazed! How someone can have such deep passion and drive to do things that to others may seem impossible. I guess I could compare it to my fond love for fashion and interest in anything that evolves around it in today’s society.


    • Aw, thank you so much Nadine! Books (and from them writing) have been my biggest passion since before I could even read. It is easy to be committed to something that is so important me, and who I am! It is obvious that you are passionate about fashion, and not just in a shallow way. I love how your approach is broader, deeper, and more organic. You radiate such joy when you discuss fashion. That is why your blog is so wonderful. 🙂


    • Ha, yes it is! Several months ago I reorganized my studio. This was the half-way point. If I reconstituted that pile today, it would be considerably bigger. I am a book addict.


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