Voices from the Grave-Joe Strummer Birthday Edition #1

For one day only, I’m switching from literature to punk, from the imagination to concrete humanity. Today is dedicated to Joe, on what would have been his 60th birthday. He had a heart bigger than the world, and lyrical ability to match. With compassion, clarity, and righteous anger, he, along with George Bernard Shaw*, pointed me in the only direction I am meant to face.

One of my favourite songs by The Clash.

My wedding song.

I still cry when I watch this video.

*If you think they are an odd pair to be so heavily influenced by, in equal and often parallel  measure, please check out the Pinterest board I have dedicated to them: As Far as Thought Can Reach. It might not offer an intellectual explanation, but it is fun to see them side by side.

6 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave-Joe Strummer Birthday Edition #1

  1. Okay I will be hooked on The Clash now for the next week or so. Time to warm up the iPod. My favorite has always been “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” I just love the way he screams at the beginning.


    • I listen to Joe/The Clash at least 4 days a week, every week. “Clash City Rockers” was my wedding song, lol! I do enjoy “Should I Stay or Should I Go” but it is one of the rare songs not featuring Joe on lead (that’s Mick singing, although Joe does the backing vocals in Spanish) so that, coupled with the fact that it is really atypical for them, means that it is not one of my faves. Great song, and very catchy, but I am just a Joe girl. 🙂


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