Daily Diversion #34: Oh So Quiet


It only looks like a cardboard cutout.

It only looks like a cardboard cutout.

…is why you haven’t heard much from me since Thursday.

12 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #34: Oh So Quiet

    • No, I wish we were! We got home last night just shy of 9:00. The whole trip (for my cousin Nick’s wedding) lasted 60 hours. We traveled 1100 miles and spent a total of 16 hours on the road. The wedding was lovely. We spent 2 nights in an amazing suite at the Niagara Falls Country Club, which has this stunning view. Totally worth the resulting exhaustion.


      • I was born up that a way, but further north, upstate NY. It is beautiful! I’ve been to Niagra, but I was really young, and don’t remember it. I need to go back sometime. Driving is better than flying, lol. Sad part is, you probably would have spent as much travel time if you did fly, with all the waiting and plane changes and delays and baggage, etc.


      • I prefer the drive, actually. It’s fairly scenic, and I am not great when it comes to flying. My family lives close to the falls in N. Tonawanda; I’ve seen it too many times to remember. The Canadian side is prettier, to be sure. Lewiston, which is where the country club is at, is truly beautiful, though. The view across to Toronto is just stunning.


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