Shopping for the Bookworm: New England Transcendentalists Edition

For some reason, I have been thinking a lot about the New England Transcendentalists. Maybe it is the image of Margaret Fuller that stares down at me from one of my inspiration boards. Whatever the cause, it is a fine subject to be preoccupied with on a lovely Spring day. In honor of today’s one-track thought process, I’ve collected an inspiring and eclectic group of NET-inspired goodies. Enjoy!

This shop is so full of literary-themed profiles that every visit requires a gargantuan exercise in restraint. I want them all, I went them all now!

Another literary-based shop. The stamp pendants are delicate yet vibrant.

Just. Because. At a miniature 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″, it could easily be slipped onto a book shelf. Where they can freak people out with their stares. In the time it has taken me to type these words, it has started to grow on me…..

There’s no excuse to drink out of a boring mug.

Aw, Thoreau actually looks endearing here. Bashful even. Won’t you take him home? That’s his Walden Pond cabin in the background, by the way.

I’ve included this for two reasons. 1- I love this shop name. A lot. 2- I really wanted to have a Margaret Fuller inspired piece. This was my only option. Which is a shame! Not that it isn’t lovely (it is!), but she was amazing and deserves to be better remembered. Even on Etsy.


Repeat after me: I have no use for this, earthly or otherwise. I do not need this. It is an utter waste of money and space. Do you still want it, badly? Me, too.

7 thoughts on “Shopping for the Bookworm: New England Transcendentalists Edition

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