A Year in Books/Day 137: Lion in the White House

  • Title: Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Author: Aida D. Donald
  • Year Published: 2007 (Basic Books)
  • Year Purchased: 2008/2009
  • Source: History Book Club
  • About: This short biography of the 26th President of the United States of America manages, in spite of its abbreviated length, to chip away at the bull in the china shop cliché that has followed T. Roosevelt down the decades. Ably written and engaging, it’s a remarkably satisfying read in a small package.
  • Motivation: It was sent to me by mistake. I paid for it and kept it, anyway. Probably from sheer laziness.
  • Times Read: 1
  • Random Excerpt/Page 64: “The more prosaic Roosevelt plunged right in to his new social environment, entertaining as though he were still in a smaller world. In Washington, social life depended on officeholders who had money beyond their salaries and who could, therefore, entertain lavishly in sumptuous houses. These leading lights mixed business with pleasure all the time, something Roosevelt found new but bracing. That the Roosevelts lived in modest circumstances was irrelevant; he fit into the Washington social scene because he came from an elite background and held an important position.”
  • Happiness Scale: 8
    Theodore Roosevelt (1904) English: President o...

    Theodore Roosevelt (1904) English: President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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