Voices from the Grave #77: Lou Reed

Dirty Blvd., 1989

Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed on Charlie Rose, 2003

Remembering Lou Reed, ABC News

Sweet Jane


Daily Diversion #91: At My Window, Sad and Lonely*

There lives a tree, just outside my window…

Lonely Tree, Take One

Lonely Tree, Take One

He stands watch over our urban street, nature’s guardian lost in a maze of manufacturing buildings. If he moves his branches just so, other trees come within view. Across the way, down the road. They have their own concerns; he is alone.

Lonely Tree, Take Two

Lonely Tree, Take Two

Telephone poles, wires, patchy squirrels, delicate birds, and empty water bottles interact with him fleetingly, coldly. I wonder if they even speak the same language? Continue reading