“To Let: One Cheap, Roomy, Salubrious Flat”

I posted this piece of flash fiction over on Font and Frock last Saturday. I thought it would be fun to share here. Enjoy!


“As I was saying, Miss, a small bed fits in that nook, and the case over there holds at least fifty books.”

“I’m not sure I want to live here! The windows are grubby…”

“They’ve been cleaned twice!”

“There are so many pinholes in the walls.”

“You won’t notice them without  your glasses on.”

“But I need my glasses to see.”

“Then don’t stand so close. Isn’t that better already?”

“This flat is awfully large.”

“It’s big enough for three!”

“I’m single.”

“You’ll have room to grow!”

“The price is nice.”

“It’s the best! There’s nothing cheaper, roomier, or more salubrious in this neighborhood.”

“The floor is covered with dust. Great mounds of dust!”

“Keep the windows closed.”

“I need sufficient light and air.”

“Buy a broom.”

“I’m just not sure if this is the place for me.”

“It won’t be on the market long, not with its literary connections.”

“Literary connections?”

“Don’t you know? This cheap, this roomy, this salubrious flat is where Tom Chambers wrote Good Night Bassington!”

“You don’t say?”

“Indeed, I do! As I recall, his typewriter sat on a desk right over…”

“Perhaps this is the place for me after all? Yes, I’m sure I’ll like it here!”

[My Writing Life] I Have a Short Story in The Paperbook Collective’s October Issue

The newest issue ofThe Paperbook Collective came out yesterday. It is a wonderful on-line magazine/hard copy ‘zine out of Australia. My short story Beyond the Boneyard Gate is featured on pages forty-one and forty-two. I hope you can take a few minutes to check it, and the rest of the contents, out. It’s well worth your time, I promise!

FUN FACT: I was moved to write this story after seeing, and being thoroughly disturbed by, one of my blogging friend Jennifer’s photos. Her blog of fabulous photography is here.