Daily Diversion #399: Baby Rose Marie

My autographed photo of Baby Rose Marie, from the last bunch of pics she signed back in November 2017. Framed by me.

Baby Rose Marie

4 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #399: Baby Rose Marie

    • Thank you! Have you seen the Rose Marie documentary, “Wait for Your Laugh?” It is amazing. Highly recommend. She lived long enough (she died last December) to see a few live screenings. So. Good. MeTv is showing an encore of it on the 27th or 28th of this month, plus it is available elsewhere. She was one tough, smart, remarkable lady.


    • Yes! It’s from her last signing session, from November of last year. She died in December. It’s not personalized (I bought it in February), but it’s wonderful nonetheless. The documentary is fabulous. Highly recommended.

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