Daily Diversion #396: Jubilee Hitchhiker

Jubilee Hitchhiker by William Hjortsberg


Epic Pulp Covers…

…is a new weekly feature over on Epic of World Saga. Although I won’t be sharing every EoWS post here (that would be annoying, I’m sure!), this series is on-theme for A Small Press Life!

Here are the first two images:

Weird Tales (March 1923)

Fantastic Adventures (November 1941)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet.

Look at these adorable heart-shaped Junior Mints:

Aw! Such nice candy hearts…

Well, that took a turn…

Oh. My. Goodness.


[Book Nerd Links] Famous Readers, Joan Murray, and Amazing Women


Epic of World Saga: Welcome to our universe. Please wipe your feet.

A quick update on what is happening with Epic of World Saga:

We have a website/blog!

The script for Episode 3 is being finalized. Stay tuned for big things, as it is our first 2-parter. Can you say cliffhanger?

EoWS is also on Twitter and Facebook. The relevant links are on the website. Which brings me to…

Our first real blog post.

Welcome to our universe. Please wipe your feet.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Diversion #395: Ibsen & Chai

Ibsen & Chai


Daily Diversion #394: Strummer is a Punk Rocker

Punk Rock Girl