What Are You Reading in May?

Since I didn’t write a What Are You Reading? entry last month, this post will cover April and May. Let’s get started!

Since 1st April, I’ve read:

  • Unsolved London Murders: The 1920s and 1930s by Jonathan Oates
  • Where Are They Buried? How Did They Die? by Tod Benoit
  • Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples by Rodger Streitmatter
  • Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City in its Own Words by Wendy McNaughton

I’m currently reading:

  • The A to Z of African American Cinema by S. Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry
  • Paris Without End: The True Story of Hemingway’s First Wife by Gioia Diliberto
  • Memoirs of Montparnasse by John Glassco
  • Parallel Lives: Five Victorian Marriages by Phyllis Rose

What is your favorite book this month?

Which book on your list do you most look forward to reading?

Please share in the comments!

Happy reading.

8 thoughts on “What Are You Reading in May?

  1. I got the whole collection of teen feminist books written by Holly Bourne.
    Am I normal yet?
    How hard can love be?
    What’s a girl gotta do?
    …And a happy new year?
    As well as starting The Manifesto on how to be interesting before ending off with her Soulmates novel.


  2. How are you enjoying “Paris Without End”? A few months ago I read “The Paris Wife” and I’m now really curious about Hadley.

    I just finished “The Illegal” by Canadian author Lawrence Hill. It’s an interesting look at our society through the eyes of an illegal immigrant.

    Am now reading “Words in Air”, the letters between Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop. I am not at all familiar with their poetry, but their letters are fascinating! I can hardly put down this book.


    • I’m still reading it, but it’s enjoyable thus far. I’ve always liked Hadley, which is, of course, what drew me to this book.

      “The Illegal” sounds interesting, and topical.

      I’m familiar with the poetry of both Lowell and Bishop, but not their letters. I will have to rectify that!

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