National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

It’s that day of the year again.

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This was originally published here on 7 December 2012. In what is turning into an annual tradition, I am re-posting it today in honor of its subject, my buddy Frank.

[Intermezzo] Wherein I Offer You a Few Disjointed but Heartfelt Memories of My Dear Friend Frank on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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2 thoughts on “National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

  1. The other day I was listening to some news broadcasts during/just after the Pearl Harbor attacks from Dec. 7/1941, and it was unsettling to hear how confused and surprised the reporters were. They were doing an excellent job of maintaining professionalism, but even so, you could detect a sense of outrage – and rightfully so.


    • What a fabulous bit of saved history! Back in my early gallery days, I framed an original newspaper from Hawaii reporting on the attacks right after they happened. Very fascinating, but not as fascinating as this.

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