Daily Diversion #338: The Third Man

Another day, another legendary classic film at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, courtesy of the long-running CAPA Summer Movie Series.

The Third Man

The Third Man

4 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #338: The Third Man

  1. The Third Man on the big screen? FA-BU-LOUS! I’m hoping it will come to a theatre near me…

    Was it a big audience the day you went? Sometimes audiences aren’t so full for these kinds of films, which worries me a little.


    • The CAPA Summer Movie Series is definitely in a class by itself, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge it against others. It’s the longest-running classic film series in the world. This season’s (from June-August) roster encompasses 25 films (plus 2 cartoon series), with films being shown 1-3 times each.

      The films are shown in a fully-restored, 2800-seat 1920s picture palace, complete with its original organ and accompaniment by the world’s greatest organist (Clark Wilson). It’s basically the closest you can get to an authentic 1920s movie-going experience without time-traveling.

      The audiences are engaged, enthusuastic, and diverse. Turnout is always high, with some films (like Blazing Saddles, which we saw last Friday) seemingly close to capacity. So, definitely not typical!

      If you ever have the chance to see The Third Man on the big screen, do it! It’s phenomenal.

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      • Yes! Red velvet, gilt, an epic chandelier. It’s amazing. And Clark plays before and after each film and during intermission. For silent films, he creates a score (for Sunrise last month he recreated the original score, which was an epic undertaking), plays said score during the film, as well as at intermission and after the film (someone else plays the prelude). It’s an experience! And it is only $4.00/$3.50 for seniors, or $25.00 + service fee for a strip of ten tickets.

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