What Are You Reading in July?

Do you believe in the concept of beach reads? I don’t. Not for me, anyway! My habits are fairly solid year-round.

Things are finally back on-track for me; I had a couple of really light reading months. It feels good to return to normal.

Since 1st July, I’ve finished:

  • Women in the Middle Ages: The lives of real women in a vibrant age of transition by Frances and Joseph Gies

I’m almost done with:

  • Intellectuals: From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky by Paul Johnson
  • Own It!: Be the Boss of Your Life–at Home and in the Workplace by Tabatha Coffey
  • The Who, the What, and the When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Sidekicks of History by Jenny Volvovski, Julia Rothman, and Matt Lamothe

To Be Read by 31st July:

  • Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley by Jeffrey Spivak
  • Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington
  • The Ultimate Illustrated beats Chronology by Robert Niemi
  • HAVOC in its third year by Ronan Bennett
  • Movie Icons: Welles by TASCHEN

Which book on your list do you most look forward to reading?

Please share with me in the comments.

Happy reading!

24 thoughts on “What Are You Reading in July?

  1. Just got all the James Bond books on epub. I haven’t read anything post Fleming, and the books I did read I read in the 80s/90s. I am up to Moonraker at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. I’m still reading the Kate Atkinson and caught up with a friend in Brighton who says she’s the only person in the world who can’t be doing with her. I’m supposed to be reviewing Women Wartime Spies by Ann Kramer for Pen & Sword Publishing. Both books have been pushed aside for the travails of moving as I go down to the Isle of Wight next Monday to move into my cottage. Phew! Just the thought of it all exhausts me!


  3. I’m reading a weird vampire book right now and a children’s book, as well. Next on my list VILLA AMERICA by Liza Klaussmann, THE SPOKEN WORD REVOLUTION (slam,hip hop & the poetry of a new generation), Judi Dench AND FURTHERMORE, two books about Auguste Rodin and WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST? by Jim Holt.


  4. I just finished All the Light We Cannot See and, sadly, did not think it was the Best Book Ever. I’m now reading a mystery self-published by a blogger I admire, and am enjoying it tremendously!

    I’m really keen to hear your thoughts about the Busby Berkeley and Orson Welles books. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I hate being disappointed by books, but it happens! I love reading books by my fellow bloggers. Which one are you reading?

      The Orson Welles book was great fun. Very photo heavy.

      The Busby Berkeley book is, to borrow your phrase, definitely not the Best Book Ever. The author spends waaaaay too much time verbally recreating Buzz’s dance numbers. It was too much even for this huge film buff. And, to be blunt, the book is really simplistically written. No nuance or subtlety of language or insight. At times, it reads like a high school essay in which the student only half-assed it.

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      • I just finished reading J.B. Priestly’s “Benighted, or What Happened in the Old Dark House” and absolutely loved it. Such witty, clever writing. Can’t believe I’ve never read him before!

        I’m sorry to hear the Busby Berkeley book was a big disappointment. That sounds like a total rip off!

        Will look for the Orson Welles book. Like him or hate him, he’s a fascinating person.


      • Yeah, I am almost finished with the BB book. Grudgingly, too. Fortunately, I checked it out from the library. But, yeah, if I never hear or see the words “top shot” or “kaleidoscope” again, I will be tremendously happy.

        The Welles book is fun because of all of the photos. It’s basically a wee coffee table book. I love Welles. He was kind of ornery, but, man, was he talented. I saw The Third Man on the big screen 4 days ago, and it was such a treat.

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  5. I’m looking forward to starting Comanche Moon (Larry McMurtry) despite the fact that no book of his will ever come marginally close to Lonesome Dove. I surprisingly enjoyed Dead Man’s Walk. Women in the Middle Ages sounds awesome. Was it any good?


  6. I wish I had your book list…Right now I am dredging through a book called: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. It is very light reading, and very boring. But, I will finish it because I am half way through it. I am an optimist; but, maybe it will pick up. I hope!
    The other one is much better. It is by Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi: The Time of My Life. He finished it two months before he died of pancreatitis cancer. It is a good book with a lot of reflection on his life, career, and fame.


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