What Are You Reading in April?

What is on your reading list this month?

Do your reading habits change with the seasons, or are you at all times equal opportunity?

I haven’t finished one book this month, although I am quite close to finishing the first two. My list is unusually light, and skews almost exclusively towards film history and criticism. I’ll likely add at least a few more books to April’s pile before the month is through.

Here’s what is on my reading list this month:

  • The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks by Tracey Goessi
  • The A to Z of Italian Cinema by Gino Moliterno
  • Silent Stars by Jeanine Basinger (I’ve read this before)
  • A Woman’s View: How Hollywood Spoke to Women 1930-1960 by Jeanine Basinger (I’m pretty sure I’ve read this once before, as well)
  • The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth by Robert Graves (I’ve read several other books by Graves, but not this undeniable classic)
  • Elizabeth Taylor: A Passion for Life: The Wit and Wisdom of a Legend by Joseph Papa

What is your favourite book this month?

Which book on your list do you most look forward to reading?

Please share with me in the comments!

Happy reading.

6 thoughts on “What Are You Reading in April?

  1. What a great list of books! I’ve been meaning to track down Jeanine Basinger’s book on silent stars.

    I’ve had a light month, too. Just read finished reading “A Blade of Grass”, a novel set in South Africa, which I liked and didn’t like. Am now reading an amusing biography of a large pig named Christopher Hogwood.


    • I’ve read her books before, but it had been awhile so I thought I’d give them another go. The e-copy of the silent stars one, though, has a huuuuge and annoying glitch. Whenever a monetary value is mentioned (for salaries, film costs and returns, housing costs, etc.), as is pretty frequent since this is a film book, it always says either $5 or $5,000. Like, the cost of the movie was a whopping $5k! Even in 1916, that didn’t happen. Or, at her height, Mabel Normand earned $5 a week. Lol.

      That pig thing sounds amazing. Tell me more.

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