Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks

Two Nero Wolfe illustrations from the March 1938 issue of The American Magazine. The artwork, from top to bottom, is by: Vladimir Bobri and Rico Tomaso.

Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks

Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks, March 1938

Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks, March 1938

10 thoughts on “Nero Wolfe in Too Many Cooks

      • The whole team is fantastic. I can sink into one of those novels like a well worn reading couch.

        I even enjoyed the Maury Chaykin /Timothy Hutton TV series. I thought they captured the series amazingly well in terms of tone, etc. Did you ever watch those?


      • Loved that television series. Nero and Archie were perfectly cast, and the whole production was top-notch. It was critically acclaimed for a reason, as well as entertaining and suitably faithful to the source material!


      • Hutton was amazing. He made Archie even more fun than he was in the books. Yes, like you said, the whole thing was top-notch.


      • Yes, Hutton owned the role (although I am evenly split between my love for the book character and the series character as portrayed by Hutton). The show was just a lot of fun.

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