Because Nero Wolfe, That’s Why

Two illustrations from Rex Stout’s The Red Bull, which was published in The American Magazine in 1938. The novel version came out in 1939, under the title Some Buried Caesar. The artist is Ronald McLeod.

Nero Wolfe in The Red Bull

Nero Wolfe in The Red Bull (aka Some Buried Caesar)

Wolfe was seated at the table

Wolfe was seated at the table…

4 thoughts on “Because Nero Wolfe, That’s Why

  1. I just looked at a complete list of Nero Wolfe books online, and I had no idea there were so many novels! I’ve just put the first one on hold at the library. I’m actually really excited to start reading these!


    • Rex Stout wrote the books for 41 years, which accounts for how many there are!

      So….you’ve never read a Nero Wolfe book? You. are. in. for. a. treat. I’m actually so excited for you, and cannot wait to hear your thoughts.


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