Daily Diversion #268: Birthday Kettle

The Chef gave me an electric kettle for my birthday! It replaces one that I bought in June 2005, and used between 5,000 and 6,000 times. Talk about money well spent.

The new kettle is quite spiffy. I’m looking forward to another long personal and professional association.

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle. Bonus points for naming all of the famous writers and movie stars on the inspiration board behind the kettle and cup.

It glows! 

I totally didn’t make my husband sit with me in my dark studio and watch a kettle of water come to a boil. We definitely didn’t hold hands. I am in no way weird.

Artsy Electric Kettle

Artsy Electric Kettle*

*I absolutely didn’t put a cool filter on that photo of my birthday kettle. Nope. Wasn’t me.

11 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #268: Birthday Kettle

  1. Fantastic kettle! I’m glad you “didn’t make [your] husband sit with [you] in [your] dark studio and watch a kettle of water come to a boil” and that you “definitely didn’t hold hands.” That would be a little weird. And a little heart-warming, too. And we’ll have none of that, right?

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