[Book Nerd Links] Five Literary Links for a Warm Wednesday

6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] Five Literary Links for a Warm Wednesday

  1. Does Kathy Acker never NOT look badass?

    Love the Gorey pic, too. Have you been to the Gorey museum? I’m assuming from your inclusion of The Outermost House in your TBR that you’ve been or are planning a trip to The Cape – as we New Englanders call Cape Cod. That’s where the museum is located. It’s quite small but delightful.

    The Hitchens photo is great – pretty much how I imagine him all the time.

    Thompson and Papa were too easy. I think they should have been excluded. The “low hanging fruit” makes the whole list seem suspect.


    • That’s how I feel about Colette; she always looked badass, always.

      I have adored Edward Gorey since I was a child, but I have not been to the Gorey Museum. I featured it in my 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide, and I follow it on Facebook, so I am familiar with it.

      The Outermost House is one of my all-time favourite books. I’ve visited a good portion of New England, but never The Cape.

      I totally agree about the inclusion of Thompson and Hemingway. I wish this had been called something like “20 photos of writers other than Thompson and Hemingway looking badass.”


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