It’s Time for Another Round of [R]evolving Incarnations! Who Wants to Participate?

[R]evolving Incarnations: A Questionnaire For Passionate Readers is an interview series done in classic Q&A format. Each entry features one intrepid writer/blogger/artist/creative mastermind as they take on the same 40 reading-themed questions and scenarios.


If you haven’t participated yet, what are you waiting for? Interested readers may email me at:!

Please spread the word.

9 thoughts on “It’s Time for Another Round of [R]evolving Incarnations! Who Wants to Participate?

  1. These are some tough questions! I’d throw my hat in the ring but I think I’d collapse in a lump of jelly trying to answer some of these! I’ll tweet it instead.


    • Tweeting is the next best thing to participating. Although, of course, I hope that you will change your mind and join directly in the fun. (I plan on doing one soon, too.) Not only would I like to see your specific answers, but I really want a guy’s perspective. Thus far, only women have been brave enough to do the questionnaire.


      • A guy’s perspective? Ok… Can I answer the really hard questions with an inarticulate grunt? If so, then count me in. It may be weeks before I finish it. (Or it may be an hour, I don’t know!) But if that’s okay, let me know.


      • Hahaha! You can answer the questions however you see fit to answer the questions.

        I’ll email you the questionnaire. Thanks!


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