[Book Nerd News] Flannery O’Connor Stamp

Author Flannery O’Connor on new stamp June 5 [Linns.com]

This is exciting!

6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd News] Flannery O’Connor Stamp

    • I know, right?

      My husband gave me a gorgeous set of customized Crane writing paper/notecards for Christmas, so I need to write letters. Now I will have great stamps to pair with them.


      • I agree. My handwriting is definitely legible, but I have long been in the habit of changing up my handwriting style. I get bored easily, and it shows. I might use three or four different handwriting styles in one letter. It ain’t pretty. Because of this, I am afraid to use my gorgeous paper.


      • I dunno… It might actually be pretty cool to see the style change mid-page. But that’s just my weird opinion.


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