View from My Studio

This is the view from my writing studio:

Old Apartment House

Old Apartment House

It’s what I see when I look up from my desk, and has been for nearly two years.

Will I miss it when we move? I’ll know in a couple of months.


16 thoughts on “View from My Studio

      • What city is it? I thought I wouldn’t miss Boston, but I do. Not a lot, but sometimes… and keenly.


      • Cincinnati. I will miss my friends, and a few very specific places….but other than that, not so much. We’ll only be 90 minutes away, though. I like The Queen City much better as a visitor than as a resident.


      • I got confused when I read this because I had no idea Cincinnati was also called The Queen City. I live about an hour south of Charlotte and my first instinct when someone talks about the Queen City is to think of Charlotte.


      • I believe that quite a few US cities are (or have been) called The Queen City, but Cinci has a pretty good claim to the nickname. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote of Cincinnati (back in the 1850s): “”And this Song of the Vine, This greeting of mine, The winds and the birds shall deliver, To the Queen of the West, In her garlands dressed, On the banks of the Beautiful River.” Cinci was once known for its Catawba Wine, and Longfellow’s poem of that name is about this. Thus, the nickname was born.


      • Charlotte was named after an actual Queen, but I think poetry trumps politics and so I will grant Cinci has a stronger claim to the title.


      • I don’t have a horse in this race, but I do appreciate that the nickname goes back to Longfellow. It’s the only poetic thing about Cincinnati, as far as I am concerned, but it is a good one.


      • I’m not terribly attached to Charlotte – it’s mostly just the place I work! So I’ll go with the Longfellow connection.


      • And if anyone pushes back, just tell them some creepy guy on the internet agrees with you!


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