Hemingway Quote

Hemingway Quote

Hemingway Quote

9 thoughts on “Hemingway Quote

  1. Hemingway was a great writer but I don’t think I agree with this, maedez. If we are writers (and great readers), we are better able to judge and we all do it. We judge whether the writing is good and whether the book is worth reading. But we certainly understand how difficult it is to write and write well.


    • Hemingway isn’t telling us to refrain from criticizing the quality of someone’s writing. It isn’t about whether or not a book has merit. He was a vocal critic of his peers’ abilities, or, as he often saw it, lack thereof.

      In this instance, he is reminding us that we, as writers, cannot judge the actions or choices or lives of our characters and the situations they find themselves in. We have to view their foibles and missteps and errors with understanding. Unless we are writing some kind of moral treatise, it is not our place to pass judgment on the lives of our characters. We should at least know why they act how they do, even if we do not always agree with them. Understanding, not judgment.


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