[Book Nerd Links] Old Masters at the Top of Their Game

Old Masters at the Top of Their Game [The New York Times Magazine]

These people are, simply, extraordinary. Their dedication to their work is awe-inspiring.

8 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] Old Masters at the Top of Their Game

  1. Maedez, I saw this photo essay and article as the NYT is a must have on Sundays at our house. You have done a wonderful thing to post this as it is not only the young who do the extraordinary things. This article encouraged me to stay with it and not to “retire”; there is so much more I can do. Thanks, friend.


    • I had to post this! It was too wonderful to keep to myself.

      Honestly, I am way more inspired by older creative people (and I mean, really old). Whether they have stuck with their art for decades, or are just late bloomers, they show us that there is no expiration date on artistry or originality.

      You are most welcome! I look forward to seeing your future work!

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      • I have a friend in her 80’s, also an artist and dedicated book lover as well who gleans her titles from phrases in books. She keeps a notebook of all potential titles for her woodcuts and paintings. She re-reads her books and quotes them to me in her letters. I admire her for not stopping.


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