[Book Nerd Links] Five for Friday

6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] Five for Friday

    • My grandparents got a Doxie a couple of weeks before I was born. His name was Fritzie, and we grew up together. I loved him so much! Having said that, my fave dog is definitely a Frenchie. I will not be happy until I have one of my very own. 🙂


  1. I adored the article re: Shakespeare and Company. I didn’t realize, as they said in the article, that Frank Sinatra was such a history book aficionado.

    The article on Wilde meeting Whitman was fascinating, and Whitman’s view of a writer committing to a performance. One of the kids I mentored last year in our writers’ group definitely fits this description. I might send this to her. Thanks!


    • I didn’t know that about Sinatra, either, and I own a few books about the man!

      I’m glad the Wilde/Whitman piece is useful for you. I found it really interesting.


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