This is What My Holiday Weekend Looks Like

Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading [courtesy Book Riot]

6 thoughts on “This is What My Holiday Weekend Looks Like

  1. Sounds wonderful! Mine, too, in fact. I caught a miserable cold this weekend, so my activities have been sadly curtailed. However, I’ve been reading “Virus Hunter”, written by a scientist who has spent 30 years travelling the globe and testing in areas whenever a virus breaks out. It’s quite fascinating.


    • I hope you feel better soon! Your book of choice seems rather apropos, then. I love nonfiction. I’ll have to check it out.

      I indulged in a mini book-buying spree at Half Price Books yesterday. I couldn’t help myself; they are having a storewide, 20% off sale for the holiday weekend. I purchased several luscious film books, as well as Lili Palmer’s autobiography.

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