[Intermezzo] No Concentration, or Why I’m as Happy as Clara Bow with a Beach Ball

The winter-encrusted inhabitants of this drafty house are agog at the most gladsome of all tidings: spring is here! It is here! It is here! Glorious. Insistent. Blustery. She’s a grand dame, is Spring. I should be writing. I could be cleaning. I would, I would…but it is 77 degrees outside! The day that a season elbows her way back into our lives is a cause for celebration, not concentration.

Clara Bow

I’m as happy as Clara Bow with a beach ball!

This is where I put words about how the contented chirping of birds, barking of dogs, and mewing of small children have all joined to create the newest soundtrack sensation. Ice cream trucks, green shoots of plants I am constitutionally unable to recognize but overjoyed to see, and motorcycle engines belong here, too. Tank tops, sandals, and Margaritas for the win!

The front porch boards are warm beneath my feet.

11 thoughts on “[Intermezzo] No Concentration, or Why I’m as Happy as Clara Bow with a Beach Ball

  1. Sounds wonderful. Reallllly wonderful. It’s finally up to 46 degrees but it’s 5:45. It’s been 34 degrees all day long and WINDY. We are still cold. I’m happy for you:) Enjoy it.


    • I enjoyed it immensely! We are back down to the mid-60s today (and it is raining), but I am not complaining. Fingers crossed that spring weather is here to stay. I hope it visits you soon, too. 🙂


  2. 77?!!!!! OMG. That is crazy. LOL. The weather is so unpredictable now. But I love what you’ve written here. Beautifully put!!!

    I think I may take a short walk to bask in it as well, it’s more like 50 here…


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