Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Dear Readers!

I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to give a shout out to all of my dear readers! You consistently show this blog (and its humble creator) so much love that I could not possibly let the 14th of February evaporate without some kind of acknowledgment. This is for you:

Valentine's Day Image, circa 1910

Valentine’s Day Image, circa 1910.

14 thoughts on “Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Dear Readers!

    • We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Never have, never will. Yesterday was weird, though, because The Chef actually had the day off. Naturally, there was nothing that would have compelled us to go to a restaurant (not to mention the fact that we had 1″ of snowfall per hour during peak dining hours). It is rare enough when he has a Friday off, so we stayed in and ate a crock pot meal, drank some booze, and watched some telly. If he ever gave me a teddy bear for a holiday, I’d burst out laughing. 🙂 At least a pink toolbox is practical, if a bit too gendered for my taste. But ’tis useful!


      • The toolbox was great–he actually thought my construction skills would improve with my own tool set 🙂 We’ve never really taken the day seriously and usually don’t do anything special. We buy chocolate for each other on a regular basis and aside from my “Doggie” stuffed animal from childhood, I have no stuffed animals. I’m not sure why women want them. I used to make painted stuffed animals of people’s pets and they were willing to spend a lot of money on them. But then pets make you do a lot of weird things you wouldn’t do otherwise–like talk baby talk…


      • Up until recently baby talk from anyone in the house was banned–by me– then I broke my own rule. One of our little dogs forced me into doing something I hate–the power of super cute animals knows no bounds.


      • Haha! What kind of doggie made you break your rule? I do not baby talk to Dunc, but I do speak to him using weird accents. Further proof to my husband that I am a weirdo.


      • My cute little Cavalier, Rosie. Huckle has a southern accent and I often make him talk then talk back, but Rosie is the happiest dog who gets right in your face to snuggle while moaning in ecstasy. It’s weird but her trademark move if she gets in trouble. She’s our ginger dog.


      • When I used to see paintings in the Met with little Cavs I knew I had to have them one day. I only need one more to complete the collection–there’s 4 color combos 🙂


      • Do it! You are so close. My husband has this fantasy of having all of the lad colours: black, yellow, and chocolate. Now they have silver labs, too. No! I cannot have 4 large dogs at the same time. We have a yellow now (our dear, sweet Cros was also a yellow), and had a black lab for years. It’s much easier to complete a set when the dogs are small. 🙂


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