[Book Nerd Links] 12 Vintage Advertisements Starring Famous Authors

I adore vintage adverts of all kinds, but inevitably my favourites feature famous people. There is often a gap between a celebrity’s public image and the products or services they are willing to represent in exchange for money and more press. Naturally, I am in love with this list.*

12 Vintage Advertisements Starring Famous Authors [COURTESY FLAVORWIRE]

Be sure to stop back and let me know what you think!

*My only complaint: I wish they had included more than one ad featuring a woman writer.

6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] 12 Vintage Advertisements Starring Famous Authors

  1. I’d like to think Seamus Heaney introduced Robert Ludlum to Guinness but my favourite has to be the Frederick Forsyth ad – ‘cos I loved the tweed jacket/roll neck look back then 😉


    • Anyone who enjoys a pint of Guinness is okay with me!

      I have not decided on a favourite yet, although I have a major weakness for Mickey Spillane.

      More men should rock the tweed jacket/roll neck look. I’d be totally okay with that. 🙂


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