Voices from the Grave #75: Mickey Spillane Interview

A clip from a 2004 interview with Mickey Spillane. It is long, but fascinating.

7 thoughts on “Voices from the Grave #75: Mickey Spillane Interview

  1. Okay, Mickey Spillane was the cutest guy ever. From New Jersey, too–but I knew that by the accent he had. I’m fascinated by the military (not by what the government does with it nowadays, though). Thanks for this post.


      • I know I would love to have him as my uncle who lived next door. I’d visit and just listen to him ramble. It’s funny because I find it impossible to really articulate what my father was like–but so similar to Mickey. It’s easy to write about bitchy or sad people, but unpretentious, lovably off beat people are harder to get right. 🙂


      • I had a mad crush on him when I was younger, so I have never really seen him as the uncle type. 🙂 But I agree, it would have been amazing to sit and hear him talk. If your dad was Mickey-like, then you were quite lucky. Not that I would have had a crush on your dad or anything. You know what I mean. I agree wholeheartedly with your last point. Unpretentious, lovably offbeat people are more human, I think, and because of that can be harder to capture in realistic ways.


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