Daily Diversion #140: Settling In

She has great priorities.


My in-progress studio is her new favourite place to relax.

10 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #140: Settling In

  1. Such a cute little girl! She’s got the same voluptuous build as one of my cats, they could probably go on the seesaw together. Also, I have that Illustrated History of the 19th Century, it’s a gorgeous book, isn’t it??


    • Thank you! She is very petite but, yes, quite voluptuous. I hope the stairs at the new house do her some, ahem, good. What type of kitty do you have? I love that book. I’ve read it a few times cover to cover.


      • Mine is a very lovely and voluptuous black and white girl–not a tuxedo cat, but half black and half white. With a little black mustache. But with her physique, she looks sort of killer whale-ish. It’s too bad we don’t have stairs for her, they’d do her some, ahem, good too. And yes, I could look at the images from that book over and over again!


      • She sounds beautiful, mustache and all. Whilst I maintain the possibly false hope that Zizi will use the stairs as her personal gym, it is not looking good. Since her reappearance from 2 days spent doing who-knows-what in the far reaches of the cellar, she has not budged from my studio.


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